The Log - Sundered Realms

Personae dramatis

Dogo_Dogsbody aka the 'weird looking git' (Richard) - Male Gnomish/Dwarvish Fighterish Mage
Luciano aka 'Brother', (Charlotte) - Male Dwarven Cleric
Xabregas aka Xabregas aka Stumpy aka 'the tank' aka 'tall git' (Patrick) - Male Human Warrior
Boy (Laurence) - Female Human Ranger
Jacques_le_Gross aka 'Brother Jack' aka 'short git' (Jason) - Male Human Cleric
Rossiel (Stephen) - Female Elvish Sorceror
Valencia (Martyn) - Female Halfling Thief
Evergreen (Chris Foley) - Male Halfling Druid
Mina (Dave) - Female Human Paladin
Harlan (Chris) - Male Human Illusionist
Kurt (Richard II) - Male Human Gun Slinger

Personae mortuae

Honeysuckle, LoveChild Fairyfellow - aka 'dead git' - killed by a Kobold at Lvl Zero on the 1st night of the campaign (Laurence) - Male Human Ranger
Xabregas Sacrified for the good of the party, but he will rise again.

Old logs are stored here Archive1, Archive2, Archive3


You all made it into the new dome, to discover that the size intenally was much, much bigger than outside - estimates maybe 50 to 100 times bigger. Many people found it increasingly difficult to move out of the dome in this bubble world, even though you could all see it, and others appear to pass freely.

The party spied some goblins marching and avoided them. Later you found a few that appeared to be cooking carefully butchered human on a spits, but chose not to attack them either. Faith based characters found connection to their gods more difficult and the gods felt 'different'. Good and Evil seems to be replaced with Lawful vs Unlawful.

After a couple of nights travel, through continuous forest, you camp for the night in a natural camping area, up against a granite outcrop, with an overhang that provides a good lean to. Thee is even a stack of firewood and some tinder in there already.

While camping you encounter Heinrick and his two sons Einer and Pieter. The teenage boys both have longbows, but Heinrick has a 'gonne' - and he is willing to give a demonstration - a magic word ignites the glow match and a flash/cloud of white smoke and the gonne fires a heavy lead bullet - another magic word extinguishes the glow match that has not burnt at all. There are also runes aound the breech and a inscribed dragon, with it's jaws as the mouth or the barrel, the body down the barrel and the wings cover the stock.

Feb to May


7 June

With the treasure chests held by the last party member to exit the dome, the party file carefully make their way out through the perimeter of the dome. An almost inaudible pop noise is heard as Xabragas exits the dome. "It wasn't me!" Xab exclaims.

The party feel a rush of relief as they return to their own world. Except of course Kurt, who quickly comes to the realisation that the only way back home has just disappeared in a quiet poop. But the dragon said he could come back at any time…what did she know!

Since the party were last through this way, about a month and a half ago, much foot traffic has scuffed and rutted the ground outside the accessible dome entrance. After some investigation the foot traffic is ascertained to belong to hundred of orcs being harried into the dome about a kilometre south of where the party existed.

"Hmm, given the fact the dome is a lot larger on the inside than the outside those orcs would have entered the dome at least 50kms south of where we did, and I wonder who chased them in and why" muses Rossiel.

The packhorses and Dogo's war donkey are nowhere in sight. The party move a small distance down the once narrow path and make camp for the night just off the track, out of sight.

The party then discuss at length how best to transport the giant dragon egg and the two large chests back to the keep. Luciano decides to conceal the dragon egg with a static illusion of a proud statue of himself, unfortunately Rossiels illusion is less than complimentary.

The party then contact Whizz on the crystal ball and give a brief rundown of the adventure in the dome, including finding the dragon empress and being given the dragon's egg, and it having enough universal power to collapse the dome when removed, and treasure chests.

Whiz then suggests he'll send a wagon with a couple of castle guards to aid the party in their return to the keep, meeting the party as they return over the next 3 days.

The party settle down for the night and set to the usual watches. During Valencia and Xabs watch, a satisfying clicking noise comes from the ornate wooden chests given by the dragon. Valencia wrestles with her moral compass and decides to behave and leave the chests untouched until the morning comes.

In the morning, Valencia announces that the chests have unlocked themselves and is directed to open the chests very carefully. There are no traps or nasty surprises and the party eagerly rustle through the contents. There are several packages with each party members name scribed ornately on the outside of each, Dogo hands the packages out to the party.

First up is Valencia who finds four rubbery bands - each with the image of a spider printed on them. Slipping one over a wrist she finds her hand becomes very sticky and quickly realises that she can climb like a spider when wearing them.

Next up is Evergreen who receives a soft, supple and surprisingly stretchy suit of leather armour embossed with pictures of a wide variety of animals. A bit of experimentation reveals that the suit will shift with him when he shapeshift but that in his avian form he needs to remove the arms otherwise the wings won't work.

Jauque pulls out a rabbit’s foot with his name on. "Ohh lucky rabbits foot" he exclaims, "Not for the rabbit" points out Luciano noticing some dried blood on one end.

Rossiel next pulls out a large spell-book that contains lots of new and interesting spells.

Kurt extracts two pistols, a gonne and cartridge case - all heavily runed. He finds that they are ‘keyed' to him and him alone.

Next up is Xabregas who receives a small amulet. "Let me try out one of my new spells" say Rossiel and cast identify revealing it to be a protection from normal missiles (once per day).

"Great" says Xabregas, "wonder if it works against bullets" BANG, "Argghhhhh!", "That's a no then."

Dogo pulls out a small heavily runed gem which after a discussion between him, Rossiel and Luciano figure out that it will bleep and glow in the presence of portals. "Strange" mutters Dogo, "portals are usually evidenced by a large swirly sucking noise and are extremely uncommon and dangerous, wonder if the dragon knows something we don't."

Mina gets an ornate helm and finds that the vulnerable eye and nose slits are covered by translucent steel.

Last up is Lucaino who receives some platform sole boots with elevated heels. "Huh, now who's a short arse" he proclaims looking at Xabregas. After some experimentation he realises that he can jump great heights and long distance and spends the afternoon practicing becoming a dwarven cannonball.

The party spend the rest of morning experimenting with their new magical items and starts to move out. Evergreen's locates a suitable high points turn into an eagle and swoops into the air the wind rustling through his nethers, whilst in the sky he sees a walled palisade camp about 10km away which appears to be a Yig follower camp. There appears to be about 100 people there and are definitely celebrating something. Evergreen then swoops down and reports the information to the party. It's decided to send a couple of party members into the camp, with the rest of the party skirting safely around the outside.

Luciano and Jacques head into the camp and are eagerly received by the camp Captain. Inside, the Yig followers are celebrating the disposal of hundreds of Orcs into the dome, just before it's collapse, of which they claim they are responsible for.

Jacques invokes the rabbit foot, "What's the worse that can happen" he thinks and is pleasantly surprised when three young lasses decide that he would be the perfect partner to celebrate the collapse of the dome with - in one of their tents.

Luciano wanders around and chats to various people. It becomes apparent that the Yiggers have been on a serious recruiting drive and have convert large numbers of framers to their cause. A cause greatly helped by the purging of this area of the countryside.

Luciano then notices, off in the corner of the stables, the party's pack horses and Dogo's war donkey. He, along with Jacques, then manages to convince the Captain, to return the war donkey to them after getting it to come when called "Here Fang!". The two party members stay for a while out of politeness and then take their leave to report back to the party. On the way back Jacques has a grin you couldn't remove with a lemon and Luciano starts to realise something he ate or drank is starting to disagree with him and rather violently.

After a few attempts to cure poison (it been hard to cast when you are projectile vomiting) he finally gets things under control but not before there have been a few messy unfortunate incidents. Jacques helps Luciano onto fang for the walk back.

They area greeted by the party and they pass on what they have found "You know it would be really funny, if Jauques rabbit foot sucked al the luck out of you" sniggeres Evergreen.

Dogo is reunited with his faithful steed, and after washing the saddle down, he mounts fang and then the party then continue back to the keep bypassing the fort. Along the way, the party meet up with the wagon as promised and have an uneventful remainder of the trip home. Uneventful as the area has been cleared of 'undesirables' by the Yiggers.

At their return to the keep, the party introduce Kurt to Whizz and brief Whizz on the adventure in the dome and hand the dragon egg onto him for safe keeping. Mina discusses with Whizz a theory that her abilities and power may be from universal power, rather than from the gods - but nothing definitive is reached.

Whizz then turns his attention to Valencia.

"Now that one party member is now a level 6 adventurer, I can allow you to use the sceptre of divine light, but beware of upsetting the gods". Announces Whizz.

"Hmm, thanks, but I don't have a great relationship with the gods…" Mutters Valencia.

Whiz then reminds the party about the rune of alignment change and tells them he's close to making a breakthrough in its use and when does he should be able to target specific behaviour such as reversing good and evil whilst not affecting the law/chaos side of a persons nature. "Those Yiggers won't know what hit them - he he he."

Whizz then asks the party to investigate one of the last two remaining domes.

"We need to get rid of these remaining domes and then we must get rid of the blimmin Yig worshippers, they're rounding up and disposing of the Orcs and upsetting the natural order of things". Says Whizz.

"But" says Dogo, "isn't clearing this part of the land of orcs and the like what you've been trying to do?" asks Xabregas.

Whizz pointedly ignores this question.

"However I do have some good news. I have been enlisting the local mages to try and track the location of the piece of armour stolen when moonbeam was assassinated is currently held with then small clear dome to the south east. Whoever is carrying it"

"bloody yiggers stealing my armour" mutters Luciano casting an envious glance at Xabregases groin.

"made the mistake of stepping out of the dome with it in their possession. I can only assume they were hiding in domes to block detection."

"Head to the next dome of your choice and close it as soon as possible!"

"And by the way, Sandy and Boy are to be married in a month's time, so you may want to return back for that".

With that, the party are dismissed.

Valencia, being the only one ready to level up, and with bottom tingling, heads off to the thieves guild, whilst the rest of the party rejuvenate in the nearest tavern before heading back out again.

Just prior to the party leaving Jaques announces that he will be staying at the keep for the next week or so. "I would like to try some experiments with the rabbits foot, experiments involving cards and dice" he says.

"Yeah, and other peoples money" quips Evergreen.

Back on the road, the party decide to head onto the smaller, transparent dome, lying three days travel from the Keep. As part of the new scouting tactics, Evergreen transforms into a giant eagle again and floats aloft ahead of the party for a while. Soon, he swoops back down again and reports his findings. In the far far distance is a large Yiggish group (possibly the same one they encountered a few days ago) herding a very large group of Orcs and Goblins in the general direction of the dome the party are heading towards!

He also sees another small yig fortification a few miles down the road in the direction the party is heading.

The party avoid the fort and skirt around to a less busy area around the domes edge. At the boundary of the transparent dome the party find evidence that sometime in the last couple of weeks a large number of goblins have been harried into this dome as well.

Rather than risk encountering the goblins the party head south for a kilometre and make camp by the dome and set the standard watch. As they do so they here "Ahem" coming from the crystal ball. Answering it they find Jeeves, Whizz's chamberlain. "His lordship has directed that I ask you to carry out a quick investigation of the dome and report back nature of reality within the dome, such as magic, technology etc, before attempting to collapse the dome. He has a theory on how these things are being formed." The party agree.

The dome is found to be an Innie' meaning that it's entry only. They soon find a toppled tree to use as a bridge allowing exit from the dome once they enter.

The night passes very peacefully - which is odd considering that there are probably a few hundred goblins within a kilometre or so of the party. The only odd incident is the sound of something very large stomping around.

"I don't like the sound of that". Whispers Evergreen to the party.

Mina then offers to be the scout on this dome, she announces "Don't worry I'll be back soon" as she slides into the dome wall, concealed with Silence and Invisibility spells. Within the dome, Mina finds mud and a dense forest of trees, not unexpected as that was what she could see from the outside. Her connection to Vull seems intact and the spells continue to function.

Shortly later, Mina returns to the party and announces that it's safe to enter the dome at this point. The party gather their belongings and enter the clear dome wall.

Inside the dome the party carry out a very quick reconnoitre and Evergreen discovers what would appear to be footprints of a giant chicken a hundred meters or so further round the dome wall. He investigates the giant footprints and concludes that it's a chicken that's possibly 5 to 6 meters high.

Luciano also finds his connection to Grism is intact, however Evergreen is strangely quite.

Luciano then suggests calling up the local Whizz from this dome. He hails into the ball, "Whizz, Whizz, are you there?"

The view inside the ball congeals and a man, albeit allot slimmer than Whizz, using thieves tools comes into sight picking an extremely complex lock mechanism on his desk. his left arm is missing, looks a lot like Whizz and set on the wall behind is a poster that pronounces "5000GP for the capture of Whizzper"Who is this?" the man says.

"Luciano, Sir Whizz".

"Well, I'm not this Whizz guy, my name's Whizzper, and thanks I've wondering what this silver mirror does." he exclaims.

"We are in the dome and require information about your world"

"What dome and what's in it for me.?" is the reply.

A short discussion ensues whereby the party explain about the various realities and the fact the 3km diameter black impenetrable dome that exists in the countryside in Whizzpers world coexists in the parties worlds and is the one the party have entered. A deal is struck whereby information is traded.

Luciano continues his conversation with Whizzper and makes the following discoveries:

On the subject of technology Luciano show Whizzper a watch acquired from the Lizardman come and asks if he knows what it is.

"Hmm, that looks interesting, hold it closer to the ball" instructs Whizzper

Luciano does so and is surprised when he feels an invisible hand grab the watch and it fly towards, and then bounce, off the crystal ball.

"Well, that’s definitely interesting. First time that hasn't worked" says Whizzper looking at where his left arm should be.

"Bugger me! " exclaims Rossiel "magic works through the crystal ball"

Whizzper ignores her and says "Well for that bit of info I'll pass on some details of the crypt, that and you 50% pf what you find behind for me to pick up a later date."

50% is negotiated down to 25% and Whizzper flicks through what looks like a journal and holds it open to the party where they can read.


Blessed one are welcome - everybody else can piss off.

Below the text are the following notes
Four squares (with the note coloured red, indentations in wall)
A symbol (semi circle with cross overlaid)
Seven squares (with the note coloured blue, indentations in the wall).

On floor eleven cubes with following letters on them A M N N C L I I O U A remains (crushed) of previous explorers inc goblins.

The party puzzle over the letters for a while to no avail, Mina, a tad egotistically, states "Well the four letter word is obviously MINA. No idea what the remaining seven could be. You got any idea Luciano?"

"Nope, but aren't those the same colours that we encountered in the dome over Sorrel?" asks Luciano.

"That’s right" adds Dogo "The Vull worshipping sheep realm that you Mina felt comfortable in was associated with the blue colour, and the Grism worshipping wolf realm that you Luciano felt comfortable was associated with the red colour."

"True" replies Luciano, "still not the wise what N C L I O U A " would spell concludes Luciano.

Just before the party signs off Whizzper makes one last request and that is to inform him just prior to the collapsing of the Dome, that way he can claim some quodos in his realm. The party agree, step outside the dome contact Jeeves and pass on what they have learnt.

14 June

“Hey Guys” says Evergreen “I know you lot can feel Vull, Grisim and Loki but I can’t touch Hale at all and I like touching Hale …”

There are a few understandable sniggers.

“…. but I can still shapeshift.”

“Odd” mutter Rossiel.

Since the terrain is not conducive to Evergreen being able to fly Rossiel is persuaded to levitate up and get the lie of the land and to mark a high tree with a continual light stone.

Rossiel loses her concentration and slips slightly as she places the light stone gently in the upper branches of the tree. The pale morning light lets her see into the dome for quite a distance but all she can see is trees and a slight change in the forest 3 km away at the other side of the dome. She steadies herself and the stone before she descends gently. As she does so, she checks to see if the stone will be visible from the ground, wanting to make sure they can find this spot again. “It is the nearest way back out of the dome that we could find after all.” She says defending her and Luciano’s idea.

As she lands gently and fixes her clothes, Mina and Xabregas adjust their respective swords and armour and get ready to push off through the low scrubby forest floor with Rossiel and other six party members begin to follow them into the sunlight-flecked foliage, the sound of insects and birds fill the air.

Before they start Valencia is sent scouting a 100m ahead and the party follow and about ½ a kilometre later.

This forest is getting denser” Jacques says to no one in particular. “The undergrowth is thicker here”.

Kurt keeps an eye on Evergreen who is currently in the form a large cat. As they pick their way forward Evergreen is acting odd, odder than a Halfling that can turn into a cat usually is. Luciano notices Evergreen too.

“Something is not right” Valencia says out loud.

“Evergreen is acting upset” replies Luciano in his heavily accented voice.

“What the...” Valencia says holding up an acorn the size of a small orange, about three time the size it should be.

“Everything is bigger than normal here” She pauses for a minute before running off back towards the edge of the Dome.

“Don’t split up…” Jacques voice trails off as Valencia disappeared from his view.

“I shall accompany Valencia” declares Luciano. He readies himself to use his enchanted boots. With minimum effort he launches his compact frame thirty feet into the air and into the side of a large oak tree.

Watching as Luciano falls to the ground, Dogo shakes his head and begins to settle down to wait for their return.

“I need the practice” calls Luciano from just out of sight.

Moments later Mina and Rossiel watch Luciano burst into view and into another tree.

Kurt, Mina Xabregas and Jacques stand watching the forest while Dogo and Rossiel sit with the anxious Evergreen.

Xabregas looks towards the direction they came from in time to see Luciano bounding through the forest. He lands a little more ceremoniously than before at the same time as Valencia comes into view.

“The acorn stayed the same size all the way outside the dome” she announces “I have stashed the acorn in a well marked hiding place for later retrieval” she says, wiping her hands on her thief’s leggings.

“If we are ready to continue now” Jacques says through gritted teeth as Dogo works out the bearings.

A Jacques continues “We should head in a north easterly direction. That is the most direct route to Cheswick, the Baba Yaga, and the crypt with the puzzle, assuming that one of them is in the centre of the Dome”

‘LUCIANO!” shouts Luciano, startling some birds from a nearby tree as the penny drops. “The other word is my name”

“’Mina’ and ‘Luciano’.” contemplates Mina, “I wonder why we never worked that out?”

“What do you mean WE” asks Kurt “I thought it was obvious. Didn’t everybody else” There are nods around the group, some admittedly a lot slower than others, with Mina the last to nod.

Jacques moves off in the direction indicated by Dogo with the others following behind.

It’s not long before Valencia stops dead “I really do not like this. We have been walking for an hour now and should have hit the other side of the dome about 15minutes ago” She says bending down into the long grass. “I think we should go back.” She exhales as she lifts an acorn into view. It is the size of her head. “Straight back, right now.” She finishes with a worried look.

“This place is huge” observes Kurt.

“Or we are getting smaller!” replied Valencia.

“We should zagga back to the dome edge” states Luciano.

“Zagga?” asked Mina

“Si, we should Zagga back; like zigga zagga so we move towards the edge by a different path” Luciano says gesticulating a jagged pattern in the air.

“We can follow the giant chicken trail in the east or the man made trail with goblin prints to the west” states Jacques.

“We should follow the goblins.” announces Luciano launching off in the general direction of the trail they spotted the day before. “After all they are small and defenceless whereas as a encountering 20’ tall chicken is not happy thought.”

They party zagga back for just over an hour and reach the edge of the dome. Valencia points to the grass and bushes that they are walking amongst now “This looks better.” The grass is now closer to normal size.

They arrive at the track and begin moving towards the dome centre again. Valencia take a scouting position out in front of the group, carefully trying to remain visible to the party while remaining inconspicuous to prying eyes.

Jacques squints at the little figure moving in front of them. “Is it just me or does Valencia seem smaller?” He pauses looking more carefully “She is definitely smaller that normal, about 6” smaller”

“I shall alert her!” Luciano bounds past Jacques waving his arms at Valencia.

As they gather round the Halfling thief Mina check holds her hand out to Valencia’s head “Normal size, most peculiar.”

Kurt watches as Dogo, Mina and Luciano consult a scrap of parchment. Dogo look up at Kurt and explains “These are note about the domes, the anomalies and the universal power artefacts” he looks back down and mumbles something about asymptotic curves to himself.

Kurt looks over Dogo’s lumpy head and sees a bunch of markings and a picture of a starfish; he shrugs and goes back to checking the forest for movement.

“According to this chart we should be about 0.05 times our normal size at the centre of the dome.” Announces Luciano.

“That’s not good” replies Xabragas, as he leans over to Rossiel and mutters “How big 0.05?”

Rossiel indicates by holding up thumb and forefinger a few inches apart.

“Never do THAT to me in public again.” States Xabregas as he strides off.

“We should press on” urges Jacques as he gestures to Valencia to move ahead again.

The party walk for a large part of the day and estimate they have covered 20km or so.

“Can this get any wider?” asked Kurt pointing to the path that is now over 40 meters wide. The grass is over their heads and the ground is rockier than before. The massive trees tower above them as the party slowly move along the side of the oversized trail.

“I think we need to locate a place to hide for the night” says Kurt.

As the party scout around the find a likely looking hollow amongst the tree roots. Valencia investigates and finds a largish rope running through the leaf litter.

“Look at this” she says.

“Never mind that” says Jacques pointing up into the trees above them “look at that!”

“It is a cage, look at the size of it, it must be 40 feet along all sides” states Valencia “it is a huge trap; what are they hoping to catch with that?”

“Something about our size I fear.” Replies Mina.

Evergreen hisses suddenly and darts past the group under the trap. Valencia is the first to hear the crashing sound and the shaking ground. “Run!”

Chest heaving from the sprint Luciano peers round the edge of the cave they have darted into “it’s a giant!” he gasps watching the massive humanoid step up to the oversized trap. “And he has a very large dog!”

“I don’t think he is a giant” commented Mina “I think it is us that is smaller”

Kurt is careful not to stand on Evergreens tail as he inches forward to get a look.

“And this is no cave” Valencia squeaks “Erm, guys”

The party turn to realise that this cave is a burrow and it has, what would normally be, an average garden spider in it. The spider’s body though is close to the size of Xabregas’ chest, it could eat Evergreen or Valencia whole.

There is a flurry of activity and the spider freezes. Luciano finishes the hold spell and turns his attention back to the man and dog outside the burrow. “He is moving away”

“He must have been checking his traps” stated Xabregas.

“I’m calling that Wissspa” announces Luciano.

“What is it?” the one armed bandit asks peering out of the crystal ball.

“Are you aware of the shifts in relative proportions that occur in this dome?”

“What are you talking about?” snaps Wissspa

“As we move in towards the town, things are getting bigger and we are getting smaller. Are you in the Town?” Luciano probes.

“I am not telling you where I am” replies Wissspa indignantly.

Kurt half listens the rest of the conversation while watching the entrance to the cave/burrow. He raises his eyebrows when he hears that Wissspa doesn’t know how to enter/exit the dome and that he has changed the bargain. From 25% of the loot to a 50% cut in his favour.

“If he thinks that we are going to give him adequate warning of the dome collapse like he asks for” thinks Kurt, “he is having a laugh.”

“We should stay here tonight” suggests Rossiel. “Standard watches”

The group begin setting up for the evening.

While Jacques arranges his sleeping area he says “I’ve been thinking; we could try to catch the giant chicken by the dome edge.”

Kurt looks over.

“We would not have as great a size disadvantage” he says, keeping the prospect of a super sized fast food franchise business that he has been pondering to himself for the time being.

The party rest for the night and it is part way through the first watch when the sounds of something moving into the burrow entrance.

Kurt jumps up and grabs for his rifle. There is a bright flash, a faint fizz, the smell of burning fur and distinct squeal as a fire ball was launched out of the mouth of the cave at an unseen nocturnal creature by Rossiel.

She returns to her watch once she is sure the mystery animal has gone for good.

Kurt rolls over and tries to sleep again through the adrenalin.

Evergreen comes out of the cave in time to see Rossiel landing from a scouting levitation.

“There is a large village about 5km that way” she says pointing in the direction they have been walking.

Discussion ensues and the party decide to that as they are so small they represent little protein parcels for dogs, cats and pigeons. Valencia says “We can’t do anything at this size”. Someone in the party sniggered at this coming from a Halfling.

Luciano and Kurt want to skirt round the village while Valencia and Jacques want to go back. Evergreen is not happy at all. They decide to move around the village to avoid any unnecessary interactions with the local wildlife.

The party move out with Valencia on point, followed by Xabregas and Mina ready to assault anything that threatens her. Kurt is following, with his rifle at the ready. Evergreen, Dogo and Rossiel are near him. Luciano and Jacques take up the rearguard.

They move cautiously off, scanning for signs of movement and hungry creatures.

After a few hours walking when they enter what almost feels like a normal forest until they twig that the trees are in fact wheat stalks.

It is not long after is a crashing noise from behind the party, before anyone has time to react a 12 foot tall hedgehog burst though the grain, near Jacques and Luciano.

Thinking quickly Luciano casts the hold creature spell that had worked on the spider the day before. The hedgehog pauses momentarily then continues towards the collection of high protein, but a little crunchy, snacks standing before him.

In one swift moment of total coordination Jacques and Kurt fire their weapons at the lumbering mammal at the same time Rossiel unleashed a fireball.

The volley of crossbow, gonne and magic missile send the mildly injured and startled spiny critter crashing through the undergrowth.

They exchange glances, “Crap” mutters Xabregas “the amount damage we just did would have killed Mina or I, can’t afford to underestimate the strength of the local beasties” and move off again while reloading.

As progress is made the party find that they are larger in proportion to their surroundings again – not full sized but not rat food any more.

Later that afternoon Valencia freezes and signals the party to stop. They all go to ground while trying to see what has spooked her.

A few moments later a 20 foot goblin strides into view. It is crossing the party’s path at an angle that suggests it is heading towards the same ruins as the party. In its hand it carries a sack that is wriggling and emitting little goblin like noises.

Rossiel refuses to levitate to get a better view.

The goblin walks on and as the sky is bruising, thoughts turn to finding shelter. They cut out towards the edge of the dome some more to gain what height advantage they can. They are around 1 foot tall now.

Jacques brandishes his lucky rabbits paw and declares that he will find shelter suitable for the night. As he channels his energy into this action the rest of the part take a few steps away from him. Within a couple of minutes Jacques locates the perfect hideaway, clean dry with good view of the surrounding terrain.

Luciano stares wide eyed at Jacques not impressed and more than a little worried.

The trap and alarm all the exits and settle in for the night. Except Luciano. Luciano is convinced the rabbit’s foot has taken his luck and that if he sleeps tonight a hidden door will open and he will be attacked and killed. He spends the night on guard, searching for hidden passageways, traps and assassins.

The normally relaxing sounds of birds singing greet the party as they wake. This time the early bird/worm proverbial saying has a somewhat sinister aspect to the formerly worm sized individuals.

Luciano looks like he hasn’t slept. He hasn’t. He stumbles forward – quite the worse for wear.

Rossiel scouts from above again and the team elects to approach the ruins from the dome side to maintain any height the might get.

Valencia, on point again locates goblin tracks – normal sized goblin tracks. The goblins are milling around up ahead, she watches and watches and watches and all they do is wander around looking extremely bored.

The group begin discussing how to murder them in their boredom.

21 June

A group of goblins is spotted about 200m away, they appear to be ordinary size (ie. proportionate to us), and they appear to be waiting for something, standing around picking their noses, and scratching their bums and occasionally each others. Evergreen and Valencia volunteer to approach and parley with the goblins to see what’s going on. Twenty feet out, and they are detected, “Watcha !”. “Oy, Who are you ?”. “My name is Evergreen, watcha, I’ve got eight companions, heavily armoured and watching you.”.

At that (and not surprisingly), the goblins leg it, “Hey stop...” Valencia calls in vain. She throws a dagger, and wounds one in the arm, they continue fleeing. Xabregas and Kurt adrenal sprint after them. Jacques very helpfully notices a 10’ pit trap, just as Xabregas and Kurt fall into the muddy, slushy, sticky, smelly, fetid pit.

Movement is detected in the bushes around them as Jacques and Mina try to haul Xab and Kurt from the pit using ropes. Six 9’ tall goblins are running towards the party as Kurt is hauled from the muck. Invisibility is cast over Xabregas who remains in the hole. He asks “Guys ?, Is this goblin shit...?” as he goes through the ‘motions’. In preparation for the onslaught Xab draws his two handed sword, and Jacques hides behind a tree. The group of 9’ and 3’ goblins arrive, seeing the pit apparently empty, they start resetting the trap. Xab is disgusted as two goblins take the opportunity to crap in the pit whilst it’s being reset (dear god they had curry for dinner). He stabs one near fatally in the bum with his sword, and the goblin ‘get’s the point’.

At this, Xabregas becomes visible, he is quickly entangled in a net by the large goblins. He is pummelled and pushed under the muck by the goblins, and they badly break his left arm. Rossiel fire balls the group, damaging a couple of the 9’ goblins. There are three attacking Xab, two chasing the rest of the party, and one who has a pain in the ass. Xabregas manages a minor hit on a leg before being clubbed unconscious. The goblins drag him from the pit, and proceed to carry his limp body away.

Evergreen and Valencia follow them in invisible and cat form respectively, the others follow in their various forms. Kurt silently approaches the goblins carrying Xab, pulling his rifle, he aims, shoots and kills one goblin. Now exposed, he flees to cover. Jacques and Valencia both shoot, both hit, dropping one of the giant goblins. Evergreen and Valencia take one out, then disable another (the final one). This leaves four 3’ goblins dragging Xabregas, one is ringing an alarm bell. Kurt skilfully disposes of the bell ringer, and steals the bell. Kurt then shoots another goblin for minor damage. Rossiel wades in with another fire ball, hurting them all, but they are still dragging Xab. Valencia has a turn, slaughtering another. They rally, stop and turn, holding Xabregas’s limp body by the throat, threatening to snap his neck. A quick negotiation takes place, and Mina convinces them to retreat slightly before releasing Xab. The last goblins run off, but are quickly taken down in their flight.

Despite their reluctance to ‘lay on hands’ to his shit covered body, first aid is performed on Xabregas by the party, Valencia manages to inflict more damage through a fumble. The party returns to the pit where the injured (bum skewered) goblin remains.

Questioning the disabled creature, the party establish that “We were going to take his body to the humans in the village, and sell him...”. They further discover his name is Gordon. Gordon reveals that Spanky’s tomb is under the ruins, where the Goblins live. Every now and then a goblin tries to break in (and doesn’t return).

The dead goblin bodies are unceremoniously disposed of in the poo pit.

Seemingly over the death of all his comrades (yeah right), Gordon agrees to return tho the village with Jacques and Xabregas, where they head to the local pub – ‘The Gobby Ruins Bar and Brasserie’. Whilst pissing it up with their new mate Gord, they notice that the pub is being surrounded by 9’ goblins. Jacques attempts to parley as about thirty goblins approach carrying net, shepard’s crooks etc, but the party leg it towards the edge of the dome.

On the basis that goblins appear to require shiny things and alcohol to distract them, so the party plan to obtain a keg of beer and a few bottles of gin to control said goblin hoards from a pub they know about in a small village 10kms north of the dome.

Next week we start in the pub...

28 June

After the party exit the dome, Rossiel sets to cast a healing rune to regenerate Xab’s broken arm. Xab agrees that it’s alright to draw on his permanent power points, suddenly there’s an almost inaudible sucking noise and faint tingly feeling in the arm and the healing process begins.

“I feel weak, you took too much power!” Xab exclaims.

“Tough luck, that’s what it takes to regenerate the arm, Xab!” Rossiel replies nonchalantly.

“Don’t worry Xab, I’ll give you Grism’s blessing if that’ll make you feel better.” Luciano offers.

“Oh, whatever!” Xab grumbles as he stomps off in a huff.

The party head north towards Hampton Village to find some strong alcohol. On the way there they pass evidence of Orcs/Hobgoblins being driven south into the dome. The village in only a two hour ride away. The town is fairly small and protected by a wooden palisade. Inside are 10 small houses and a pub named ‘The Serpents Head’, betraying where the town’s loyalties lie.

The party arrange to spend five nights in the village while Xab heals from his injury. Inside the pub, Luciano talks to the publican, asking whether it’s possible to purchase a barrel of gin.

“I’ve got some really good stuff, best in the land, that’ll be 200 gold.” says the publican as he rubs his hands quickly together.

“Crikey!! That’s ridiculous” Luciano shouts out loud.

“Well it’s pretty good booze, but you know if you’re after something a bit more agricultural, I do have some wood alcohol at 50 gold a barrel. Do you want to try some?” the publican offers.

“Alright, bring it on then. But can we add some mint syrup first?”

The publican adds the syrup and Luciano steadies himself as the vile liquid trickles down his throat.

“Arghh! My mouth has gone numb!” Luciano gasps, “Yep, this is the stuff for us.”

The party hand over the gold and ask the publican whether there’s anywhere to get shiny bowls and cups in town.

“There’s actually a travelling tinker in town tomorrow, he sells a right load of shite so you’ll bound to find something to suit your needs.”

The party rest up, get a little drunk and turn in for the night.

The next day, the tinker is in town and the party manage to procure various goblets, bowls and ribbons from him. Over the following few days Luciano, planning a special treat for the goblins, scoffs down loads of baked beans, cabbage and fried onions. Rossiel, upset by Luciano’s new musk, finds a handful of corks to try and prove a not so subtle point.

A few days later the party head back to the dome armed with the barrel of minty wood alcohol and shiny things, ready to take on the goblins. Back inside the dome, the party find they shrink down just as before and head towards the location of the ruins and Spanky’s tomb.

The party trek inwards, Evergreen and Valencia lead the scouting. Soon enough they spot a group of 4 regular sized goblins milling around a clearing looking extremely bored. Evergreen decides to try a little trick on the goblins and a small barrel of booze is tied around his neck. He then transforms into a cat and slinks over to the goblins, depositing the barrel in front of them. In an attempt to keep the cat disguise authentic, he sits for a time with them looking uninterested, licks his bottom and trots away into the forest.

The goblins, their curiosity piqued, investigate the little barrel and open the stopper. Soon enough they’ve drunk their fill and fall over dead almost simultaneously. The party, seeing the coast is clear roll on up to the goblins, check for vital signs and look for traps and little bells. Nearby a goblin cesspit with a trapped cover is found along with the customary little alarm bell. The dead goblins are dropped into the pit and the cover reinstalled.

The party then decide to set a goblin trap of their own; they place three large bowls of booze on the ground, ring the bell and hide back in the forest. A short time later a group of six, eight-foot tall goblins rock on up armed with shepherd hooks and brutal-looking sticks. They find the booze, have a sniff and begin to squabble over their find. Eventually three of the goblins stagger and fall over leaving three others looking quite perplexed, moments later a fireball courtesy of Rossiel lands within the group. One is knocked down, the two remaining standing are then hit by the party’s ranged weapons, Xab feeling little better today, along with Mina rush on up and smash the remaining goblin into pulp.

The party loot the bodies and find some cheap copper coins and various useless shiny things. Valencia makes sure the goblins are dead by cutting their throats roughly from ear to ear. Jacques makes a couple of cuts of his own, procuring three new ‘Lucky Goblin Pouches’ aka scroutums.

“They’ll need some drying before I can use them properly though.” Jacques says to Valencia.

The party then sneak carefully towards the forest edge surrounding the ruins. Evergreen (in cat form) and Valencia are sent on to scout around the forest edge ahead of the party. A few metres onwards Evergreen stumbles upon a rope on the forest floor and is instantly catapulted skywards in a net as a trap is sprung, bells tinkle from the sapling as leaves rain down onto Valencia. Noticing a movement from the ruins, Valencia scuttles off back into hiding.

Two large goblins lope out from a croft in the ruins down a now obviously visible path. They stop, point at the cat in the tree and disarm the trap and lower the cat down to them.

“Hmm, not much meat on this scrawny little thing.” one goblin grumbles.

Valencia heads back to the party and Luciano takes the initiative.

“Leave this me.” Luciano says as he storms off with a wineskin of booze in hand.

“Scusi, that’s my cat you have there, can I have him, back”, Luciano calls out.

“What’s it worth to ya!” He’s our afternoon tea.” One goblin exclaims.

“I’ve got some nice tasty drink you night like instead.” Luciano offers.

“You try it first, hairy one”. The goblin replies.

Luciano, looking a little worried takes a careful swig of the potent liquid.

The goblins seeing that it can’t be all that bad have a swig each.

“Hmph, good stuff, I want more” The goblin says.

“Release the cat and I’ll give you as much as you want.” Luciano replies, “By the way, why all this trapping?”

“We sell things that we find to get more beer from the village, mostly humans and orcs. The other day there was a human with a metal arm but he got away. We sold his friends though.” says the goblin.

“If I bring more booze will you trade with me?”

“Hell yeah, this is good stuff”

Moments later both goblins wobble a bit on the spot and drop to the ground unconscious. Evergreen is released and Luciano carefully nicks an artery in the neck of one goblins, despatching him quietly. Valencia, getting a little over zealous slices the neck of the other one almost through to the spine.

“Are you alright there Val?” Luciano says to her.

“Me, oh yes, just making sure”. Valencia giggles, a cold look in her eyes.

Luciano waves the party over and explains what’s happened.

“So let me get this straight.” Says Dogo. “Evergreen got trapped and some of the local goblins came out.”


“Luciano feed the booze and retrieved Evergreen.”


"They didn't attack him"


“Luciano then arranged for the future friendly trade of captives for booze.”


"They passed out in a drunken stupor"


“And then you killed them.”



“Say” asks Valencia , “Why is Dogo hitting his head against a tree, ”

With the goblins despatched, the party’s quieter members scout up the path that leads to the ruins. Inside the outer walls of the ruins, a damaged church or cathedral sits at the centre of a large clearing. Within the clearing many large goblins mill about freely while orcs and hobgoblins, the same size as the party are held captive inside a stockade.

Observing the scene, Lucinano reaches out in his mind to Spanky the goblin, but there’s no contact except for a feeling of drawing a power from somewhere.

“What the!” exclaims Jacques. “you’re drawing power from me, stop that!”

“Odd” mutters Luciano “I was reaching to Grism and got Jacques, did anybody else notice anything odd?”

Nobody ventures forth an answer.

“Hmm, If Grism won’t help I think it’s time to invoke the lucky rabbits foot” says Luciano

“You mean, the one I should never use, the one that should I use you would shove in a place he sun don’t shine, The one that..”

“Yes” interrupts Luciano “that one”

Jacques rubs his lucky rabbit foot (don’t judge) for inspiration, and has a a scout round the ruin. On the far side he spies through a crack in the walls a large glittering mirrored glass ball hanging from the rafters.

Well the bigger they are the tackier they are, and Spanky’s about as big as they get.” He thinks.

As later afternoon approaches start planning to do something in the night to come.

5 July

Rossiel lent against the tree as the rest of the party argue over what to do now that they'd killed the two goblins that might just have helped them. In the end, they needed her help again. There was a bit of panic when the goblin's discovered their dead comrades, and the drums started, but it was, apparently a crude from of dinner bell - but what else could you expect from a debased race that couldn't even make magic weapons.

She sighed and cast the first of a number of invisibility spells as first one then another of the sneaky people, not trusting their own abilities, required the spell to do what they should be able to do on their own. This was frustrating as it kept disturbing Rossiel from studying one of her fascinating new spell book that Melusina had gifted her titled "Incredibly Powerful And Dangerous" (volume 2). The magic was sufficiently different that it led to a number of new possibilities that required a great deal of thought before putting into practice. She'd like to see Dogo just pick up one of them and cast it without understanding the base principles. Probably blow his fool head off.

The rest of the party were thankfully focussed on the goblin encampment, from the muttered comments, waiting for something to happen. Although what a couple of daggers would do to help the equally scum hobgoblins trapped in the stockades. Hopefully they'll end up fighting each other and there'd be a lot less of either nature's abominations around spoiling the forest.

The rest of the party got excited when the goblins started drinking and yahoo'ing - probably (knowing humans, dwarves, halflings, and whatever Dogo was) they wanted to join in.

It was a while later when she looked up to see the party arguing over whether the hobgoblins looked like they were going to leave or not. Typical bloody degenerates, the hobgoblins found the remains of the alcohol the party left and decided to stop here for a while. Rossiel was once again called on, and interrupting her study, to save the party, casting two more invisibility spells to get them down the stairs to Spanky's tomb.

Stepping over the remains of the rutting hobgoblins, Rossiel hoped that she'd not got any of the blood on her clothing, she entered the plain room, as Luciano without thinking through anything picked up the blocks and - whoosh - lost all the hair on his head after bouncing of the wall before slumping on the floor. Rather nice fire-trap, good focus and direct-ability. She leaned in close to catch the end of the magic signature but missed it. Damn, it would have been nice to know how that had been structure and to add insult to injury Dogo seemed to understand it and be able to replicate it. The only one who seemed upset over this was Jauques who seemed to think he has lost access to some spells. Rossiel kept an eye on Luciano from them on, from a good distance mind, just in case he set off another and she'd be better prepared. But, to her disappointment, the caster of the first didn't leave another for Luciano to trigger.

Passing through to the next room, the party had to rid the place of half a dozen giant goblin skeletons, with Rossiel's significant assistance, of course - the undead were freshly made, in the last week or so from the magic trace - but the magic was sloppy, they'd leaked small traces of magic and decay over time. Rossiel was sure she'd have taken more care and would have created undead that would have put up a greater challenge - knife throwers for goodness sake - they did manage to hit Evergreen, but no real problem there.

At the end of the large corridor was two doors with animated door knockers on each that had some primitive magic mouth on each - my god, did Spanky Doomspeaker really talk like that? Rossiel supposed he must, being an uncultured goblin, but with that elocution, how could anyone take him seriously? They - the door knockers - came up with the usual line of one of us says the truth, the other lies - the party can only ask only one question to get through the doors. Mina seemed keen to show off her tremendous reasoning ability and went through a convoluted process to determine that whatever the answer was the party should do the opposite. After a few minutes trying to explain this to the slower members of the party (Rossiel doubted they'd ever get it, however obvious it was), Luciano (brave lad that Luciano - a good sort, even if he is a dwarf) went to open one of the doors.

Rather impressed, Rossiel closed her eyes and tried to focus on the after image of the bolt of lightning that arced through Luciano seeing if she to decipher the magic lines - but the reflection off the walls added extra image lines. If only he'd do it again, Rossiel was sure she'd learn a good deal from seeing a second time, but given the way he was smoking and lying on the ground, it was probably unwise to request that. Again Jauques who seemed to think he has lost access to some spells with the passing out, or in this case passing on, of Luciano. Realising that there'd be some delay as Luciano was bought back to a vertical stance, if ever. Rossiel got out Melusina's book again, turning to the explanation of the lightning spell. The one in the book was similar, but there were some differences. Rossiel was about to ask Xabergas or Mina (they were the most likely to survive with only some burns) if they'd give it a go, when the questioning started up again. Mina did most of the speaking and seemed satisfied with the answers - although sometimes it was a little heated which made concentrating of what she was reading a little hard.

When it went quiet, the silence was more distracting than the previous discussion/argument. Rossiel was pleased she did, because she was thus looking at the very moment Jauques gave it a go - could he have realised her desire to see it a second time? That's the spirit lad - all for the sake of greater knowledge - as she got a much better look at the magic lines this time - they were somehow a lot brighter this second time as a massive spark arced from Jauques to Mina busy admonishing him. She was about to go over to sincerely thank him for being so kind as to give it another go but was beaten to it by the others - apparently they were very concerned for some reason. Oh, yes, Luciano was steaming and little crackles of static electricity were still grounding their way out of his body as his chubby little corpse twitched. It reminded her of her Mentors experiments with pithed goblins and shocking grasp. The decision was made, and rightly so, to stop here for the night. There was a slight disturbance soon after going to sleep, but that stopped as the ceiling in the previous room squashed the hobgoblins that had followed them into the tomb, Good riddance.

As Rossiel drifted back to sleep, pondering on the magic lines Luciano, Jauques and Mina had showed her she did wonder what to do to thank them for doing so.

23 August 2012

The party spent a long time drinking and discussing Rossiel's visions... After much discussion on the nature of twin green suns, Monkey Flies and how to deal with them once they met them (and why they would lose one shoe), Luciano and Evergreen gathered some pyrethrum daisies and started brewing their own insecticide.

It was decided that even though it was handy have Rossiel getting the visions, and amusing to see Spanky's antics while in Rossiel's body, the time had come to swap them back before Spanky wore it out - and so set off to find some goblins, as it was only by being surrounded by his follower's that Spanky could gain the power to return himself to his skull.

After quick search of the surrounding regions, Evergreen found some goblin footprints - both large and small - headed in the direction of the centre of the dome. After much debate (no, no we'll die! run away, run away!) the party headed bravely for the centre of the dome. As they headed in, Evergreen said "oi - the small goblin footprints aren't getting smaller. They must be from outside the dome, like us."

"So does that mean the bigger goblin footprints are getting bigger?" asked Mina.

"Ah - yup." replied Evergreen and they suddenly realised he was sitting in a large goblin foot shaped indentation the size of a small paddling pool.

"Run away!"

After they caught the brave paladin, they continued heading ever inwards. They reached a clearing where they footprints stopped - at least the little ones did.

"Something was put down here on the ground. It looks like a cage," said Evergreen.

"You mean the little ones are captives?" asked Mina.

"Looks that way."

"Run away! We're all going to die!"

After Mina was dragged back again, the party continued following the big footprints, getting smaller and smaller themselves all the time. Eventually they reached a point where the tracks split, some going left and some going right.

"Let's go left," said Luciano. "My mail arm is on the left and everyone knows that left is righteous and good, while right is evil and libertarian." He morphed his mail fist into a sign post which read 'LEFT IS RIGHT'

"No, we must always go right," said Mina. "The further right the better I say."

As the political debate waged, Evergreen turned into the world's smallest eagle (the size of a sparrow) and scouted out the area.

"It's a village." he said. "With houses and roads and a big clearing in the middle. No sign of Babba Yagga's hut though. Both set of tracks lead to a cottage."

Jacques called upon the power of the gods to help them decide which way to go. "Left is slightly more 'wealy.'"

"Told you," said Luciano with a smirk.

"Umm, correct me if I'm wrong buuuuutttt isn't your right arm the one with the amour of Elric on it?" asks Dogo.

The party headed to the left and soon saw a 'small' cottage - the size of a city apartment block (if they had known what one of those was). The goblin footprints led to a bell from which descended a long pink sparkly ribbon which served as a bell pull.

"That doesn't look too bad," said Dogo. "I say we pull it. Nothing bad can come from a pink sparkly ribbon, right?"

Evergreen pointed out that there were human footprints going from the house to the bell - it looked like the cage was exchanged.

"The humans must be buying the small goblins from the local ones," Kurt said. "I wonder why?"

Valencia volunteered to scout it out so she snuck up to the cottage and after about an hour managed to climb to the window and look inside. Within she saw a little girl with bows in her hair of the same sparkly pink ribbon as on the bell pull playing on the floor of the room below. She had a lovely little doll's house and lots of little dolls - perfect tiny humans whom were having a tea party with her. One of the dolls rolled its eyes then seeing Val gave her a desperate wave. They were little captured humans, maybe (hopefully!) the Yig worshippers. Val ducked down least the girl see her and she be forced to join the tea party.

Valencia climbed down and reported back. As finding goblins was a priority, Evergreen turns into a tiny eagle and is turned invisible so he can fly around the house and take a better look. He finds a giant mother in the kitchen cooking and sees lots of cages but there is no indication the house holds anything other than humans.

As night is falling, the party start looking for a place to spend the night.

Around the back of the house they find a bucket and a large wood pile. Luciano using his jumping boots climbed the wood pile in order to get a vantage and take a better look around. In the distance, he see a big crowd. He reports back and using senses Jacques can make out what is going on.

"It looks like they are all bringing cages, with their little humans and goblins. Some of the humans and chalking up odds and taking bets, and it looks like they are fighting them in tiny pits."

"Any sign of Babba Yagga?" asks Luciano.

"Well I can see old ladies at the fights," replies Jacques. "They are the only women there - mainly its just men."

"Now even I can tell that is evil," said Mina. "We must stop them if we can."

"What we need is fire," Jacques replies. "it is the perfect diversion."

The party go to the next house looking for a way to set fire to it and what do they see but cages and cages full of goblins.

"Watcha!" calls Spanky, in Rossiel's body.

It is agreed that Spanky must 'worship' with his followers to power up so he can swap back to his skull and Rossiel can get her body back. R agrees so long as Mina does a lay on hand, purify and mend on her body afterwards and she doesn't have to watch...

From her backpack, Spanky pulls a glitter-encrusted paddle.

"What are you going to do with that?" Kurt asks.

"Why do you think I'm named Spanky?"

The 'worship' begins.

Xab calls out. "Hey. I can see twins in there!" and joins in...

"What the hell. I'll follow any god" says Dogo and he goes into the cage as well.

Needless to say, Spanky gets more than enough power and the swap back is made. Rossiel opens her bag to change into something less soiled and find all her fine clothes and wine are gone and instead her backpack is filled with shiny coins, ping pong balls (think Priscilla), buttons and other shiny things. "The little scamp," she says with an indulgent smile.

Luciano asks the goblins if they know where Babba Yagga is.

"You mean that real mean old lady who pokes us with sticks?"

"Ah.. yeah... I suppose."

"No idea."

"I'll tell want - Spanky is just a skull again so he doesn't need his paddle. Whoever finds her house will get the glitter paddle!"

The goblins scatter and after about an hour come back and guide the party to what they claim is the right house. They see wolf prints all around the side.

"Theses are fresh," says Evergreen. "Prob made in the last hour."

"Uh oh. That means the shape shifter is around. What does he want with the thimble?"

"You mean the thimble/helmet with permanent power."


"Remember he has tasted Rossiel and Luciano's blood so he can turn into an identical copy of either of them - including all their powers."

Val climbs up to look in the window again and sees a Ros climbing across a rafter near the ceiling. She is wearing a backpack and nothing else. Directly below her in the center of the room if a large table with a large knitting and sewing basket on a table and just beyond that rocking chair. Valencia climbs down and quickly reports.

"Damn," says Spanky, "imagine the fun we could have had. you want to swap bodies again?"

"Yeah," says Xab. "Twins!"

Evergreen turns into an eagles again, is made invisible and swoops into the room to see the shapeshifter land on the table from a rope dangling from the ceiling and pick up the thimble. He dives and plucks it out of 'her' unsuspecting hand. The faux Ros immediately begins chanting and Evergreen begins evasive maneuvers as the ray of enfeeblement goes off, barely missing him. He changes tactics and goes into a power dive towards the front door causing the faux Rossie to run across to the edge of the table.

Meanwhile the party scurry round to the front of the cottage and squeeze under the front door.

On seeing the shapeshifter on the edge of the table Kurt fines his gonne and there is an impressive bang as he hits the shapeshifter full in the chest. "Ha! Got her!"

At this point a GIANT toad leaps out as if from nowhere (the rocking chair beside the table). It is the size of barn. The toad flicks out a huge tongue 60' long at the eagle. Evergreen keeps zigging and zagging and just avoids being caught.

"You leave him alone," cries Ros and casts fire arrow. There is an impressive wet 'thwok' as it hits the toad but it doesn't even slow.

"I told you we should have run away," yells Mina and she turns her gauntlet into a giant studded shield and tries to cower behind it.

Val fires her cross bow at the shapeshifter and hits it in the head. The shapeshifter reverts to wolf form. "Let's see you bounce back from that," she yells.

Kurt fires again - this time at the toad. He hits it square in the head but the thing still doesn't slow. The toad shoots out its tongue again, this time catching Mina. The tongue wraps around her and it starts dragging her into it's mouth which it has gaping wide, ready for this tasty but spiky snack.

"Die!" casts Luciano, casting command on the off chance that it is intelligent.

To everyone's surprise, the toad falls down as if felled.

"It's mine," yells Mina and jumps into its mouth and drives her two handed up through its mouth and begins to wriggle it about, trying to find the brain. Ichor pours down coating her from head to toe. After a few attempts (and another fire arrow, cross bow bolts, war hammer and multiple sword hits) the toad croaks before throwing of the command.

From the other end of the village the party hear a high pitched scream.

"That'll be Babba Yagga," said Ros. "A mage is badly hurt when her familiar is killed."

"What about witches?"

"Buggered if I know. Now give me that helm." she demands as she slips it over her head - it fits perfectly.

"Finally - we get to run away," yells Mina and the party gather their things and runs as fast as their little legs will carry them towards the edge of the dome...."

As the party scarper Luciano suddenly realises they have left Valencia behind and turns and starts bounding back to fetch her.

25 October 2012

"Hey, I want a right shoe too," yelled Luciano, as he began rummaging through the pile of shoes.

"Me too," piped in Jacques.

A scene eschewed reminiscent of the Kirk's sale as the party clamoured for shoes in their size.

"Are you there any nice heels?" called Rossiell. "Um – large sizes only."

After the shoe frenzy had died down, Luciano asks Bob for his assistance and in exchange offers to get Little People back into the Dome.

He start quizzing Bob on the land within the dome and the following was discovered:

"What about Gods," asked Luciano

"Gods? Are you a drongo?" Bob scoffed. Everyone knows there are no gods."

"Of course there are Gods," Luciano said in his fieriest Italian accent. The scent of garlic fills the air as his temper rises
"Fair go, mate. No need to spit the dummy." Bob stepped back and whispered to Rossielle "Has he got a few kangaroos loose in his top paddock, or something?"

"What on earth are you saying?" Ros gave him her most condescending stare. "Don't you know The Common Tongue?"
"Oh might Grism," Luciano called out, waving his holy symbol dramatically. "Pierce this unbeliever's nose and show him your power."

There is an almighty clap of thunder and whompf and suddenly Bob has a large bone through his nose.

"Fair suck of the sav," Bob yelled

"Really?" Kurt muttered. "You could ask for anything and that was what you came up with? No wonder you ending up paying so much for your plane tickets. "

Luciano stood glowering over the Little Person. "So? You believe in Grism now?"

"It's magic, mate." Bob shook his head in disbelief. "Clear as the nose on my face. But if you want to call it your 'God' its none of my bizzo. Cor Blimey, do I ever need a brewskie."

He wanders off and the sounds of banjos come from the Little Person camp, as strains of a very drunken Waltzin' Matilda float back to the party

The party settled down for the night, but first call in to Whizz.

Mina pulls out the crystal ball.

"Not so fast," yells Evergreen. "Give me time to get my trousers down!"

The chamberlain tells them he has had a carrier pigeon from Whizz, saying: he is safe, he has come to an acceptable arrangement with the Yiggers and is on his way home.

The next day the party split into two groups and each go in a different direction around the dome until they find an old tree trunk half in half out of the dome wall. They all gather and Jacques and Valencia head in to scout about. They see lots of gum trees and then spot something shiny hanging in a tree.

Valencia sneaks up and sees a crystal, hanging in the tree. Twisting gently in the breeze. Besides it is a note nailed into the bark of the tree.

She needs up cautiously until….. Suddenly there is a rustle in the leaf litter at ankle height. Eek! She high tails it as fast as she can and hides behind a fallen log. As she peers over the top she can't see anything so she does a large loop around the tree, sneaking up on it from behind. Quick as a snake, she darts in, grabs the note and scarpers back to Jacques and examined the note


All citizens shall hereby be warned that a state of war exists between the State of Sinster and the Evil Dexterians.

Any Dexterian found within the state of Sinster will assumed to be spies and executed.

Lord Sinster.

They come out and report back, showing everyone else the notes.

The Bobs are called.

"I shall show you the way back in," Luciano declared.

"How do you do it then," asked Bob cautiously

Luciano gives him a smug smile. "Grism has show the way in to his might cleric." he pointed to his own chest. "If you recite this prayer with me then you too shall be enveloped back into the fold ie. Returned to your homeland."

The Bobs look dubious.

"If you ask me he don't know Christmas from Bourke St," one muttered.

Another shrugged. "Well, we stand a Buckley's chance of getting in on our own. Let's give it a go."

The sounds of "Onward Grism's soldiers fills the air, sung with a harsh nasal twang and Luciano "guided" the Bobs through.

"Now – you promised to help us in exchange for getting you back in," Mina said. "And everyone knows a promise is binding."

"Sod that for a game of soldiers!"

"Come on Lads. Time for the Harold Holt!"

And they scarpered in a cloud of red dust.

Luciano pulled out the crystal ball again. "Lets see what this Whizz is like," he declared.

"And see what foot he wears his shoe on," Val added.

Evergreen obliging dropped his trousers and prepared to 'greet' Whizz.

The crystal ball clears to real a tall figure in lurid green and yellow robes. He is wearing a large pointy hat with the letters WHIZZARD emblazoned across it.

"How gauche," Roz muttered under her breath.

Introductions were held

Luciano warns him about potential assassins who will pop in through a portal and try to kill him.

Not a problem I’ll set up runes so nobody but me can get in our out of this room.

Whizzard told them he is a mighty wizard who has been working to help those within the dome. He "turned the lights on by creating a couple of automatons of himself within the dome."

"What? Are those your Giant Emerald Balls?" asked Evergreen

He also created the flying monkeys but they got out of hand and have been breeding and are now out of his control - as a result first and only attempt to teleport a fly into the dome (still doesn’t know how Bobo got into the teleport chamber).

He wears shoes on both feet (big long pointy ones with curled toes) and thinks the Dexterians and the Sinisters are both raving nutters.

Digs through various books and shows a Lithograph of the shrine to the left shoe.

Rossile says “Bugger me, I’ve seen that room in a vision.
Ya what – mutterz Xab
Welllll I’ve had visions recently

As I was were decapitated

I was writing notes in my spell book at my desk in the Keep. The notes read.

As my head is attached to the goblins body and I recovered consciousness

I was writing notes in my spell book again at my desk in the Keep. The notes read.
As I dimension doored into Whizz's lab and was engulfed in flame - this is where I saw that room

Valencia’s squashed (50mm high) corpse in a large room full of shoes. The shoes are on shelves, in alcoves etc. On a plinth in the centre of the room is a single red slipper lit by a glowing white crystal. The room is lit by the light of a green moon(?) through one high small window (which might be big enough for a halfling).

"You know I have a theory" says Luciano "about Grism not being here but I can still cast spells, I think that there may be of Elrics soul in us."

"Possible," mutter Rossiel, "but if true does raise a few concerning questions".

He fills in details about the Dexterians and the Sinisters:

The Dexterians only wear shoes on the left foot as the right foot is sacred. They had a 'holy item' in their capital which is held in the shrine of the Great Dorothy who freed them all. In this shrine is the holy ruby slipper (right foot only)

Ditto for Sinsters except they hold the left foot sacred and in their shrine is the holy LEFT ruby slipper

The party explain about the portals and universal and everyone agrees that

"Can you give us any help to find these ruby slippers?" Mina asked.

"Do you have any gold?" he replied.

Val eyes hims suspiciously. "What do you want with my gold."

The party gather a pile of gold and *pouff!* he turns into first little building blocks and then the blocks form themselves into a small frog.

"Ribbit!" It declared happily

"Which way to the ruby slipper?" asked Mina and the frog begins to hop slowly towards the nearest city.

"Oh I get it," Kurt delcared. "We are supposed to follow the yellow brick toad."

The party gives a collective groan.

Roz has discovered she can't do magic and asks Whizzard about it. "Of course you can't," he declared pompously. "You have no pointy hat!"

He obligingly magics her a witch's hat out of leaves.

"Couldn't you do something in a dusky pink?" she asked. "The brown of these leaves does't suit me at all." Despite her grumbles she puts it on and finds she can cast spells again.

The party very slowly follows the frog but before long they see a group of riders coming towards them. They step off the road and go under a mass invisibility. As they get closer, they see the riders wear shoes only on their right shoe.
"Sinsters," hissed Mina, removing her left shoe. "I'll talk to them."

She steps out onto road resplendent in Full solid steel plate armor and holds up her palms. "Greetings, friends," she yelled.

The riders fan out, yelling excitedly. One lowers a stubby little lance which telescopes out to full length.

"I say. That's impressive," Roz declared, fanning herself.

"What are they saying?" asked Luciano.

Val frowns and turns to the rest of the party. "They seem to yelling 'Tin Man!'."

"Oh fu... By Grism, it's a terrible mistake." Luciano jumps out onto the road and waves them to stop. "We only want to talk."

The riders can't hear over the thunder of hooves and continue to charge.

Jacques turns to Evergreen. "Why don't you change into your cat form? That'll screw them. First the Tin Man, then the Cowardly Lion?"

"I ain't going out there," said Evergreen backing up, his tail going fluffy as a pine tree.

"He's no Lion," scoffed Kurt. "He's more of a fat house cat."

Battle eschewed during which

Log 15-11-12

The party realizing they weren't safe staying close to the town of Dexter, retreated to the edge of the dome and circled away to a safe distance. They made camp for the night.

Over a cup of hot billy tea, it began to sink in that the party had really screwed up the recovery of Elrics’ boot from the temple. Much discussion and finger pointing ensued and it was decided to head back into town first thing in the morning and recover the correct Elric boot from the temple.

The party settled down and began the usual process of setting watches throughout the night. During the night Xabragas was woken by a strange wriggling feeling at the foot of the inside of his sleeping bag. His first thought was to grab his dagger and stab the bag, but reasoned that he’d probably hurt himself, instead he pulled himself slowly out of the bag.

As he did so, he felt a sudden bite to his thigh. “Oh shit!” Xab exclaimed, “Help I’ve been bitten!”

Luciano was first on the scene and attempted to cure poison. “Hey this isn’t working”, said Luciano.

“Here let me cut it out” offered Valencia.

“No wait, I’ll lay on hands” said Mina.

But that didn't work either.

“All right, I guess I need to do sommit” said Dogo.

Dogo lent over and sucked the poison from Xabs thigh. “Aghh, what the heck is this, this is some serious poison and I really don't like what I am tasting, let’s get a look at that snake?”.

Xab retrieved the snake from the sleeping bag and carefully coaxed it into a jar, the snake had a large diamond on the back of the head.

No one in the party had seen a diamond backed snake before.

“Well, I can’t guarantee my immunity so I’m not sucking any more of that crap out of him, we’re going to have to get help from Dexter” said Dogo.

“Hang on let’s see what Whizzard has to said” Said Luciano.

Luciano pulled out the crystal ball and hailed through to Whizzard.

Whizzard appear looking groggy.

“Do you know what time it is, this had better be good!” exclaimed Whizzard.

“Xab’s been bitten by a strange snake with a diamond on it’s head, what can we do to cure the poison” said Luciano.

“Oh, I’ve seen this before, it won’t kill him immediately, but he’s going to be impotent if you don’t get medication soon. Now if you don’t mind, bugger off I need to sleep now” said Whizzard.

“Well it looks like your days of shagging are over Xab” said Luciano, “I hope you enjoyed your last set of Twins”.

“Screw that, there’s nothing like a good shag, we’re going to town and get this sorted as soon as we can!” Grumbled Xab.

"You know I reckon that might just be the last bit of bad luck to come from this rabbits foot, well until I, sorry we need to use it again." says Jauque.

During the remainder of the night a quiet weeping was heard from Xabs’ tent.

First light brought the realization that his manhood was in jeopardy.

“Oh my, no morning glory, my staff of power, my wand of seduction” cried Xab to himself.

The party after much discussion agreed to send the B team into town, comprising, Xab (looking for a cure), Evergreen in cat form and Kurt to actually make this happen.

The B team completed final preparations for the day ahead by camouflaging the Yellow brick toad in assorted plant growth and mold, attached a leash to a reluctant Evergreen and put the snake in a jar with a lid attached securely.

As the group reached the town, Kurt and Xab were approached by a grumpy gatehouse guard.

“Oi you lot, what do you lot want?” announced the guard.

“We’re on our way to get a cure for my friend here, he’s been bitten by this nasty snake” said Kurt as he held up the snake in a jar.

“Crikey!” exclaimed the guard, “Don’t drop that jar. There’s an apothecary down the road, I suggest you go and have a chat to him.”

With that, the guard waved the B team through the guard post and into the city. The party found the apothecary without too much trouble, entered and found the shop keeper mixing some potions.

“Howdy friend, do you have a minute, we’ve got a small problem.” Said Kurt, “My colleague here has been bitten by a nasty snake and he’s afraid he’s got lasting damage to his manhood.”

“Watchcha, I’m not your friend, my names Ned” said the man, “Yes I’ve seen this before, Diamond back is it?”

“Yep” said Xab

“Yeah mate nasty, nasty, it’ll cost ya, but I do have a cure. “ Said Ned giggling to himself, “What about that sword as a payment” he said, pointing at Xabs’ sword.

“Effof” exclaimed Xab, “Hmm, but what about this?” said Xab as he tentatively pulled out his little black book.

“Let me see that?” said Ned as he snatched the book from Xab and began flicking through.

“Oh yes, this will do” said Ned gleefully, as he reaches the page on the sheep twins, as he popped off to his shelves behind the counter and climbed a ladder. “This is what you want, Mandrake tea.” he said looking over his shoulder. He shuffled down the ladder and set to dispense a handful of the dark powder into a paper pouch.

“Use this once a day for a little while and you should be right as rain before you know it. Now go away” Said Ned.

With the distraction out of the way, Kurt and company headed to the shoe temple. The temple was exactly as the A team had described it. Thousands of shoes were stacked around the walls inside and at the back lay the hallowed Dorothy shoe in it’s protective shield. Many people milled about within the temple and Kurt who felt there was no danger in doing so, whispered quietly to the golden toad.

“Find me Elrics left shoe”

He placed the excited toad on the ground and followed it as it made a beeline to a nearby quiet alcove, away from the throng of worshippers. The toad disappeared under a massive pile of shoes, “Evergreen, go and follow that toad and bring back the shoe if he finds it.” Kurt asked.

“No probs” replied Evergreen.

“Hey watcha doing with here?” asked a temple guard.

“Oh, my cat has just gone and chased a rat under there” said Kurt.

Kurt and Xab leaned over and carefully rifled through the pile of shoes, making sure not to expose the toad to the prying eyes of the guard. Soon enough, Evergreen returned with the shoe in his mouth, the toad following the cat and the shoe.

“I’ll get the toad” whispered Xab.

“I’ll get the shoe” replied Kurt, as he surreptitiously slid Elrics’ boot into his great coat.

“Well, I think he lost the rat” said Kurt to the guard as he turned around, gave a shrug and promptly headed for the exit.

The guard watched them leave, waited a moment and turned back to the pile of shoes.

“Now, that’s how it’s done” said Kurt to the B team as they left the city to meet the rest of the party hiding in the forest nearby.

The B team were greeted by the party on their return.

“You’ve saved our bacon guys.” Said Luciano.

“I believe that is mine” said Dogo as he pointed at Elrics’ boot.

Dogo crouched down and slid on the left boot. “Yep that’s the puppy”.

“Alright, it’s time to collapse this dome” announced Jacques.

“No way, my new body is still growing, and besides we still need to get the other boot” said Rossiel.

“Fine, whatever” said Jacques.

The party then decided to investigate the other city after a good night’s sleep in a defensible position nearby.

In the morning Luciano haled Whizzard on the crystal ball to ask what he knew about Elric. Whizzard explained that Elric was a trans planar being sometimes known as the Sundered God, this occurred when the planes collapsed. Luciano then explained to Whizzard everything that had happened to date, from appearing in this world, the domo’s, to the yigs. Whizzard replied by saying that the party needed to get Elric back together otherwise Yig will take over the world, entirely. The party were directed to contact Whizzard again in a few days.

The next day, the party made their way towards the other dome-town of Sinster. Valencia volunteered to scout ahead. A short while later she came across a wide swath of burnt vegetation stretching 500 yards across, creating an apparent line of demarcation between the two dome-towns. She crouched down and surveyed the scene a while, satisfied that she could see no movement, she retreated and reported the situation back to the party.

The party then discussed at length, the plan to proceed.

Rossiel cast invisibility and set off into the air by levitation to gain a better view of the situation over the other side of the burnt swath. She found several watch towers and a few guards patrolling beyond, within the forest.

The party then decided to head over the burnt ground. First, those that wore shoes, changed their footwear to wear only left shoes, then the party walked to the edge of the dome careful not to touch the side and walked over the burnt ground and into the forest beyond.

Luciano pulled out the toad and asked the toad to seek Elric’s right boot. The toad hopped off and the party followed for a short time to work out the direction to follow. The toad was then picked up and his command cancelled.

The party continued on through the forest, Valencia eventually found a group of 6 horsemen, then reported back to the group. The party discussed and agreed to use the Xabragas diversion to gain intelligence from the horsemen about the town and the political situation. Xab, Kurt and Evergreen headed off to the horsemen, the rest of the party hid in cover.

The horse riders turned out to be big women riding side saddle who wore brightly coloured dresses finished with fancy tabards to complete the ensemble. They all had crossbows loaded and aimed at the three approaching party members.

“Who are you and what’s your business?” asked the leader of the horse women.

“I’ve been bit by this snake, I need healing” grizzled Xab.

Xab then proceeded to drop his pants to show the bite on his thigh.

The leader gave a coy smile.

“Ohh, nasty, come with us I think I can help”.

Xab was offered a hand from the leader and hoistered up onto the horse.

“Put you arms around my waist and hold onto the ... saddle horn”. the woman instructs Xabregas in a deep and husky voice.

At this point Evergreen made the decision to slink off into the long grass.

“Can he come too?” said Xab pointing at Kurt.

“I suppose so” the leader replied.

“Here, catch!” said Kurt as he tossed the snake in a jar up to Xab but he fumbled and dropped the jar back to Kurt. The jar shattered on Xabs foot on the way down, spilling the snake and glass down upon Kurt. The snake narrowly missed Kurts’ nose and set to slink towards Kurt aggressively. Kurt pulled out his gonne and fired at the snake obliterating it into several pieces.

“Damn it, we still need this” exclaimed Kurt as he picked up the snake parts and put them in his pocket. The snake still convulsed and Kurt suddenly realized his stupidity.

Back at the party, Evergreen reported that Xab and Kurt were heading off to the town with the big women.
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